Teddy bear costumes
A quick search on the internet shows a range of full size teddy bear costumes from various suppliers.If you are inclined to make your own, a great starting point would be to buy a cheap version with a view to enhancing it.
Incidentally, the latest star wars movie is showing Ewok with teddy bear ears. And the Justice League Action movie is using a giant teddy as a main character in its film. shortly to be released. There is always a follow-on demand for what they saw in the movies.

Here’s an overview of how to make yours

Buy a large bear from a cheap source, perhaps Amazon, where prices can be as low as £12.
Use scissors at the neck. This will give you a quick and easy access to removing a good deal of its stuffing.
You can also check that you have removed enough so that your head fits in.
At the ends of its arms cut yourself holes for your hands to fit through.

In order to put on the outfit, you need an extra cut at the back near its bottom. You have to ensure it’s big enough so you can get into it.
Do bear in mind (no pun intended) it’s going to be hot so you need a minimum of clothing when you wear it. But one thing is certain. You’re going to be the star of the party in your new giant teddy bear costume.

A little elaboration on the outer can make it look more like Charlie bears I.e. If you spend some time adding long fibre extensions to the head area and finish it off with a trim, and perhaps some colour tipping.

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