To celebrate Charlie Bears 10th birthday, we hosted Scotland’s only Signing Event.

Our day was a great success, and guests were able to meet the creators, Charlie & Will, and get their hands on a signed edition of the beautiful Anniversary Woody, while they lasted.

We received a Limited Supply of the 4 Anniversary “Signing Bears”, in November, but these have now sold out!

At only £35 each, these were perfect additions to a bear collection.

The event went well. Charlie and Will attended the show and mixed with those who visited, those who really love Charlie bears teddies. Having the creators at the event added and extra buzz, and many were delighted to have a personal chat. Sometimes we forget that even with larger companies, it is still one or two people at the top who created the product, who really care about it. So we can only once again thank Charlie & Will for attending. We hope they enjoyed our Scottish hospitality


Happy Birthday, Charlie & Will, and congratulations!

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