Charlie Bears Questions on Plush Isabelle and Minimo Teddies

Charlie Bears Isabelle
Charlie Bears Minimo
Charlie Bears Plush

The Plush Collection

Charlie Bear Plush range are the starting prices for the teddy. In this range the bears make suitable toys for children from 3 years upwards. Prices start from approximately £32. Some bears here may need to be pre-ordered.

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The Minimo Collection

The minimo range are a limited edition of Charlie Bear. They are a grade up from the plush range because they make extensive use of mohair and other natural fabrics. As always, all joints are movable. Prices start from approximately £60.

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The Isabelle Collection

As a top of the range product, all Isabelle bears come with their own certificate. They are limited and as such, will often need to be pre booked in order to avoid disappointment. Prices range from approximately £150 to £220

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Will Charlie bears increase in value?

The records show Charlie Bears was so successful in its early years it doubles it sales from 1.1 to 2.1 million in 12 months.
By 2014 sales reached £8.5 million according to The Telegraph (Jan 2014)
Through this period the company has stuck to its principles of retaining the uniqueness of the bear and avoiding mass production. All these factors will help maintain the current price and market demand.
It would have been very simple to downgrade the quality and go for big markets, but the conscious choice was to strengthen the brand. This filtered through to the retail scene and the bears continue to fetch full value particular on the Isabelle edition. So you can expect their limited availability to drive up the price of your investment.

When will Charlie bears be on QVC?

As of today , Charlie bears and the top Isabelle range are available on QVC.
You might think due to their tight control of the supply chain, they would limit such availability, but it seems you can obtain them from this shopping channel.
Historically they started selling through QVC and this early relationship which helped get the brand started, is still alive and well today and benefiting both QVC and Charlie Bears.

Where is Charlie bears made?

According to the Daily Telegraph, Charlie bears has 4 factories in Sri Lanka. Local Sri Lankan hair stylists and cosmetic artists have been trained to cut the hair on the bears and perform other cosmetic touches to give the bears the unique appeal you see when you come across one in your local shop window. Such is the appeal that they are now available in 37 countries.

Where is Charlie bears manufactured?

Charlie bears designers had to find the skill needed to cut the bears and style them, adding that touch of extra appeal. Such a skill set based in Europe, would be very expensive. So after a good deal of research by a team of experienced importers the island of Sri Lanka off the cost of India, was selected.
The stylists involved were girls in the 18-20 years bracket, perhaps because they were very willing to be associated with such a beautiful product.

What is Charlie bears?

Charlie bears is the brand given to a relatively new brand of teddy bear, which is made using luxurious materials such as mohair. It is available throughout the UK from chosen stockist and you can see the list right here. You will probably come across a stockist in your own town. Alternatively you could watch the television channel QVC, where Charlie bears were first introduced and which today still offers Charlie. Bears in this range sell for between £200 to £300. They are always indicated as part of a limited collection and it is not unheard of to have to wait 3 or more months for your order to be dispatched.

Where to buy Charlie bears

Surprisingly, Charlie bears due to its middle to upper prices bracket, is often found in specialist shops that sell branded gifts such as jewellery and other branded collectables. The reason is the exclusivity of the designs where certain models are only manufactured up to 100 pieces. Because of this collectability quality, they are seen in specialist and up-market gifts shops, and not exclusively teddy bear stores. Perhaps if they had been limited to cheaper products, many shops would not have been able to enter the market so strongly. Often there are gifts and craft fairs in local area, such as Rufford Park in the East Midlands. These types of shows are an ideal platform because they are strongly associated with local gift and jewellery makers whose products contain a high degree of individuality, often being made by those selling such products at the event.

What are Charlie bears made of?

There are 3 main categories in which Charlie bears are available. These are Plush, Minimo and Isabelle. The plush bears are made with soft plush fabrics and are fully jointed meaning all the limbs are movable.
The minimo range is made from more exclusive material such as alpaca and mohair. The minimo range is limited edition and is recommend for children over the age of 14 i.e. certainly not toys as the plush range.
The Isabelle range have exclusive fabrics in common with Minimo, but are styled to be the most appealing though their design and make up buy those expert Sri Lankans beauticians. Accordingly their price reflects this and Isabelle bears and in the 2017 collection, Dempsey bears sells for £259.

What are Charlie Bears?

The top end of the Charlie Bear Teddies offer, which sells at the highest price, is named Isabelle and is designed and crafted by expert makers abroad. These technicians give each bear its individual appeal by hand cutting the hair and then adding extra touches to cosmetically enhance each teddy face.
No expense is spared in the sourcing of material for the body of the bear, as you can see simply by looking at the finished product. Neither Steiff nor any other brand looks anything like a Charlie bear and therein lies its success. We do not have a mass marketing product here. We have an example of skilful marketing applied to a high-demand market. One might recall the earlier success of shops offering to stuff a bear in the shop,and its success in several shopping centres. There, customers get to apply little trinkets to their bear both inside and out. Then watch as it is being filled on site.
Charlie bears in the other hand, take an entirely different approach to the teddy bear market.


When are Charlie bears next on QVC?

QVC the shopping channel, run their website 24/7 and a simple search term will show the full range of Charlie Bears. By checking the price boxes on the left of the site you can select a price range to suit your preference in your teddy.
The cheapest bear is the plush range starting from approximately £33 whereas the Isabelle pieces go as high as £300 with a sign that delivery is very limited. So be prepared to wait if you are looking for something in this range that catches your eye.

When is Charlie bears on TV?

Bumble bear is a popular choice on the shopping channel QVC. Reviewers use such phrases as “gorgeous as sweet, sad little eyes” to mention a few. Clearly the extra effort the makers have put into making their Charlie bears appealing, appeal so the emotional string, perhaps as we would to owning a very cute little pet dog.
Of course, if you have developed a love for as stuffed toy and take pleasure in it, then they are far easier to look after. Reviewers frequently mention the detailing and sculpted paws a den trimmed fur as being most attractive. And more often than not a buyer has 2 or 3 others as companions. Perhaps resonating with those homely feelings of being part of the family.

Are Charlie bears a good investment?

Kovels is a pricing site for various antiques including Steiff teddy bears. Looking through their listings you can see several Steiff mohair teddies at anything from $200 to $3,000 for bears from 2010 in mohair
As of now there are no Charlie bears listed but it is only a matter of time. The most common brand is Steiff, followed by a distant second and third, schuco and Panda and Merrythoughts.
The main driving factor in their valuations, looking through the listings, is what condition the bears are in and their age. So if you are planning ton building a collection of valuable teddies, be sure to place maintenance at the top of the list. Such teddies, clearly , are not for children need will need a high degree of care and attention in order to preserve them fully.
Vintage teddy bears make a superb gift but particularly so if the person is a collector. There are large ranges of Steiffs available for $500 as perfect gifts.


Are Charlie bears worth collecting?

From a collectors view point, Stieff bears made between 1903 and 12905 are the most valuable of the brand. Such pieces featured humpy backs and curved paws.
If you are going to make a sustained effort to build up a range of teddies that will hold tier value there are a few things you should start to make a common practice. Start a record on each teddy to includes, its price, date bought and a photo of its condition.
You should also note down the make and its date of manufacture.
Also note and damages and repairs. If you are lucky enough to have a history keep that carefully stored with all other details. The quality of these notes are in particular its history, if verifiable, as re called provenance and will be of great help when it comes to valuation at a later date. Such bears particularly if accompanied by authentic original photos can substantially increase the value.
Are Charlie bears collectable?

Traditionally when one thinks of antiques, Steiff spring to mind. Steiff were fist sold into the United States around 1905 and peaked t sales of 1 minion. Clearly this gave the brand a great heritage.
Such bears are valued at anything up to $10k and above when particular style of bear is of a limited edition this also adds to the value and a combination of and other features
A Steiff bear matching this type of profile could easily be worth $15 thousand dollars.
Charlie bears are by comparison only 10 years old and have a long way to go before reaching these dizzy heights. However the owners have taken a strong approach in making them totally unique by incorporating top quality material in their makeup and then applying the skills of beauticians and hair cutters to add extra appeal
It is simply too early to say how they will hold their value. And here we mean the Isabell rang which retail just now at approx. £250
One from visitor at shopping forum had to sell off stock and was able to achieve twice the price she paid for her charley bears. The discussion on this board about Charlie bears is that as long as they maintain their uniqueness and new style are different from older ones, the bears will increase in value. They have been careful to a launch limited editions and that always goes a long way to increasing individual prices

Where are Charlie bears made?

An inspection of the sew-in tags on Charlie bears clearly shows they are made in Thailand. The difference is often quoted by competitors in developed countries but they are missing out on one thing and that is the quality and design on the makeup these lovable bears.
A great deal of care and attention has been applied in these Thai factories using a team of skilled hair stylist and beauticians in order to maintain the look and feel of the teddy. Considerable expense in the original development ensured the bear, carved a place for itself in the bears market today.

When are Charlie bears next on QVC?

Charlie bears will be appearing regularly on QVC bio the UK and the USA. Here are some of the dates
UK 15th December from m10pm to midnight
UK 31st December
Germany 20th November after 8 pan
QVC in USA dates are yet to be confirmed
They did appear on Tuesday 26th September

Are Bearhouse bears Charlie Bears?

Bearhouse bears are from the same company as charley bears. They are made with very soft fur but the main points of difference are their limbs are not jointed. Due to this they are priced for play toys and every day uses such as for childrens’ toys.
Typical styles are Blickling badger, Columbo the peacocks and Sandringham the squirrel soft toy.
Not all specialist teddy shops stock these but a quick search online will show you the full range. If your child has his or her heart set on Charlie, then this range is ideal because it is inexpensive and you do not need to worry too much about your investment, as you might has you spend £200-300 on an Isabelle bear.

How Charlie bears are made?

There is an excellent YouTube movie if you search on “making a Charlie bear”. In the video, tipping of fabrics is extensively used. The particular style uses shades of caramel. Long pieces of fur appear interspersed between the caramel and these are the ones that are tipped. Long and short strands are used throughout the body. Also is on her legs and inside her ears.
Other colours are cream, airbrushed with a shade of grey. Long and short lengths are used to make up the pile.

The teddy shown on YouTube is a plumo which is a combo of plush and mohair in her muzzle. This is then carefully shaved to give its final appearance . Alpaca is used in the inner ear and hand stitching on the nose which is then airbrushed.
Her eyes and a little white luminescence which gives the “who, me?” look.
The teddy stands perfectly on its own because of the big flat suede paws.The paws are sculpted and threaded to emphasises her claws. This Charlie bear is hand finished and comes with a certificate of care. Only 4,000 only will be made in this particular style.

How much are Charlie bears?

Charlie bears come in 3 collections. The least costly are the plush range.
The range cost from £38 to £85 and include such bears as Audie, Peeps and Agatha, to name three.
Next is the mohair range, priced approximately from £100 to £200
As the name implies, they use a good deal of mohair.

Top of the range is the Isabelle collection and prices run from £200 to £300. Isabelle is a limited edition and is not freely available. Often you will have to wait a few months from your delivery. This also works in your favour because Isabelle teddies retain their value over the years.
One forum visitors had to sell off her Isabelle teddy’s and actually recouped twice what she paid. So although you have to wait, longer term they are a good investment.