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Charlie Bears Isabelle



The Plush Collection

Or simply, “Charlie Bears” – These bears are classics which are well known and well loved. Charlie Bears are hand-made, and unless otherwise noted, are jointed for fun positioning. Most plush collection bears are suitable for ages 3+

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The Minimo Collection

Minimo stands for “Miniature Mohair”. These limited edition bears are created from soft natural fibres such as mohair, alpaca and wool felt. Minimos are smaller, jointed characters, similar to the Isabelle range.

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The Isabelle Collection

The creators of Charlie bears introduced this top end limited collectors range using quality fabrics such as mohair. Each bear carries its own certificate, & Isabelle appears in different collections throughout the range.

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Charlie bears ranges

Charlie bears: What makes them so popular

The take up of charlie bears in the teddy bear market has been huge.

Take as evidence the sale jump in its earlier years from £1.2 to £2.1 million in one single 12 month period.

This can only be achieved through a massive take up by the public and this no doubt started with exposure on QVC, the shopping channel.
One thing that differentiates charlie bears is the unique look of the teddy. Today if you happen to be passing a teddy bear shop, it is very easy to spot charlie bear without even reading the label.
The combinded elements of hair used, such as mohair and alpaco, are part of this difference.

On top of this, tipping is added to the hair by proferssional hair stylsits and then trimmed and shaved to suit the particular bear.
This is a hand made process and is quite different to the mass production techniques of mass produced teddies. It is the reason they stand out and is what underpins their massive appeal to the public.

Our entire range

Charlie Bears are everyone’s idea of what a soft, cuddly, Collectable should be.

Each has it’s own personality and will be a great addition to your collection or a wonderful gift for a loved one of any age. We have plenty of rare and unique bears just waiting for a new home, and know you’ll find one to love from our bearhouse

The Isabelle Collection of Limited Edition mohair Bears are so beautifully designed that they sell out very quickly, however , as one of the largest Charlie Bear stockists we know you will find one to love and that will love you!

MiniMos are small very cute little mohair creatures of which there are only approx 2,000 of each produced for the world…and again, due to their popularity and price, they sell through extremely quickly.

And of course the Plush collection is just fantastic….. such a variety of colours, sizes and expressions…some standing and some even growling, all at great affordable prices.

Every piece in the entire Collection is fully jointed which allows them to sit and look at you wherever you are, adding character to their expressions.
Each Charlie Bear comes with it’s own individual Name Tag, so it is possible to give a gift which actually has some meaning to the recipient….but when you see it in the “flesh” you will probably want to keep the piece for yourself rather than give it away.

Charlie Bears do not like to be alone , they are sociable creatures who require friends around them… will always be able to find a companion to keep them company.
And they don’t need fed or walked and don’t make any mess…they are very content to sit and watch you and what is going on in their new home.
You don’t pick them………they pick you!

Charlie bears direct

Charlie bears are only available through appointed dealers such as ourselves. As such, we are able to offer you the very latest bears as soon as they are available, so we can offer you charlie bears direct. We only show what we have in stock so you can be sure there is no waiting period.

The only item that this doesn’t apply to is the Isabelle range where the range is a limited collection, and this restriction applies to all retailers.
In order to avoid disappointment we strongly recommend you place your charlie bears direct order for the Isabelle range well in advance. This way you can minimise the waiting time. You can also call us or send a message for updates on availability.

Charlie bears sale

Due to the huge demand for charlie bears they are rarely offered much below the retail price across all appointed stockists. You will not find a charlie bears sale as such, because of this. Occasionally there may be an odd soiled or slightly damaged bears which we can offer a small discount on but this is not something that happens very often.

Charlie bear Kenny

was based on a rare sub species  has a family lineage the American black bear, called Kermode. The Kermode bear is white in the wild due to its particular DNA make up. Perhaps this inspired the designer of Kennie Charlie bear. He was incorporated into the Mohair category.

Charlie bear Fuddy

is a variety of bear with typical grey nose and black eyes. He is a romantic with the key to a ladies hearts around his neck. Fuddy was issued in 2010 and is closely related to Becky bear, with a grey fur. This has allowed the makeup artist to add some effective white tipping. It is those little touches that cannot be achieved in large scale mass production factories. But as far as appeal is concerned, it is a winning master stroke of originality.

We have to take a moment to look at Charlie bears Betty

on whom the designers have decided to use a wavy plush fabric. To enhance that, they have added some brown tipping, the magic touch which gives all bears their uniqueness. You’ll immediately notice the 3 bells around her neck, another nice little touch.

Betty bear’s distinctive piece of jewellery is the neck collar with bells.You know when you see a piece like this, that collectors will be snapping it up. So do not be disappointed if you cannot easily get hold of her.

That shy one, Charlie bears Clara

has something quite novel in a bear. She has magnetic paws and with those you can cover up her eyes. With this added little feature she is a delight for taking photos with your kids.At first glance Clara bear looks like she just had an electric shock. But that’s the design. She is a 14 inch bear and part of the basic plush range.

Plush bears

Plush bears are a standard term for teddies made from plush fabric, which is freely available from many sources and used in the making of many products. In the case of Charlie bears, this is why it has been used. They give the bears something that stands out on a shelf of bears. You only have to look in a shop window and you immediately know which ones are Charlie.

Plush fur

Plush fur, more specifically, is a term for a fabric used in the making of teddy bears where animal fur has been used in the past, except it is purely man-made. Because of its appearance it does an excellent job of looking like the real thing.
The good news for all buyers and collectors, is that the bears retain their value due to the exquisite design of each style. More info on this page.

Due to the collectable aspect of the item, there is a very healthy retired Charlie bear market

A number of websites  have popped up offering retired charlie bears from as far back as 2009, almost 9 years ago. They are very specific about bears being in excellent condition so if you are a collector, it’s worth visiting a few of these sites to see exactly what your collection is worth at today’s value. You will see many listings up to £400 where owners are clearly stating “no offers please.” This mean they expect to get full price for these 8 or 9 year old bears. So you could take some comfort from this as you indulge in paying for a top-of-the-range Isabelle bear.

A quick look through eBay shows many bears from years gone by. E.G. Alpacas at £138. But as with many of these, the buyers have some power. If they do not get the price they want, they simply relist in eBay knowing that sooner or later someone will buy.
Most of these listings simply show the bear and a price. But if you know exactly what you are looking for, by researching on the main website, you will be well prepared to make a purchase. Alternatively, if on eBay, simply leave a message to email you near to the auction end. This is probably the best way to buy. After you have performed a few transactions like this, you will become more confident that the price you pay, is right.