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The gift of time is truly unique and what better way to bring timeless elegance to life than by giving time to and making time for someone close to you.

As with many successful designs, the Daniel Wellington brand was inspired by company owner Filip Tysander striking up a conversation with a dapper older man who loved to wear his old watches on a NATO strap. Filip developed this idea into interchangeable straps and introduced the concept in to the market. It was a striking success. A look at the range will highlight the original concept.

The Lola Rose range of watches has an entirely different appeal.
The creator of this range, Nikki Gewirtz, was inspired earlier in her life, by a special jewellery gift. It evoked many emotions within in her and also sparked the realisation that she had a very creative side which she could use to express her feelings.
Her initial approach twas to design a special piece that reminded her of her grandmother. It was a big success and so started her career and her new brand.

The Accurist watch has a different story, one of a more technical nature. This was known,at the time, as the 21 jewel lever movement. All associations with Swiss manufacturing at that time, imbued top quality precision and Accurist used that in the promotion of their new mechanism.

The final extra marketing touch was to create an early tv campaign and break away from traditional advertising media. The TV campaign was at the time of Sunday Night at The London Palladium. The total concerted effort helped promote the brand to the recognition level it has to day.