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BISCUIT – Charlie Bear


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Alison Mills has designed this Bulldog puppy and called it Biscuit as he is the colour biscuit. He was released in February 2017.

His adorable face has the most exquisite markings just like a real life bulldog and he is adorned with a purple satin bow.

Biscuit was born in the British Isles and has a warm, loving nature and will happily fit in to any family home.

Bulldogs vary in colour but Biscuit is one of the most common colours we see in bulldogs.

He loves bathing and with his short hair he is easy to keep clean and he washes frequently because of his wrinkles.

Their large heads cause the mother to give birth by Caesarean Section and not the normal way.

Biscuit would be an ideal mascot as bulldogs are very popular and used often as mascots for various situations.

This playful puppy is 29cm (11.5 inches) in height and will love you forever more.

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