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BOUNCER AND SKIP – Charlie Bears


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A fabulous Kangaroo, with young, brought out in February 2017 and an Isabelle Lee production.

Bouncer (the mother) carries her baby, Skip, in her pouch to keep it out of harms way. Only the females have these special pouches as they carry their babies, known as Joeys. Mothers only give birth to one young at a time and usually keep them in their pouches for up to 8 months until they can fend for themselves.

Kangaroos are speedy and can travel between 20-25 miles per hour but can reach up to a speed of 40 miles per hour if they need to. Brilliant at jumping, these animals can leap as high as 3 metres.

They have long tails which helps them to keep their balance when they are stationary and they prefer to live in warmer climates such as Australia.

Boxing kangaroos are said to be male and fight to establish who is the toughest. This is supposed to an old myth but it actually does happen.

Bouncer and Skip eat only plants and no meat and they can go months without water which is very useful in the places where they live.

All kangaroos can swim but they cannot walk backwards and they communicate uses grunting noises.

This pair have the most adorable faces and the mother stands at 44cm (17.5 inches) tall and baby is 20cm (8 inches) in size.

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Bouncer and Skip the Kangaroo

From the Kennet and Korky family.

A first for our Plush collection, a mother and baby pairing which we all at the bearhouse are thrilled about. Meet Bouncer and Skip our new resident kangaroos which are made from beautiful autumn brown plushes. Bouncer (mum) is a real statement piece and has a presence about her which could fill any room. She is fully jointed and has a neat little pouch which is used to hide away her little joey (Skip). Still shy Skip is happy to sit with mum for most of the day but can and sometimes does (at dawn or dusk) venture out on his own to investigate his surroundings. Mum has a very feminine quality, with her gentle expression and large doe eyes. Skip is a miniature version of his mum in slightly darker browns and also fully jointed, both have exquisite detail and lots of air brushing .

Dimensions 44 cm