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ACRE – Charlie Bears


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Released in January 2015 Acre is still a popular rabbit from the Charlie Bear collection and designed by Heather Lyell.

Acre is a brown rabbit with a white muzzle and bib and would make a fabulous pet.

He is rather different to the teddies in that he is a rabbit, with marvellous long furry ears and is quite distinct in the range.
Did you know he has wire in his ears? This allows you to bend and shape them in a variety of ways.
Isabelle Lee designed with and his fabric is washable.

In nature, there are many different breeds of rabbit and the most common one is the lop eared rabbit. Perhaps this is what inspired the designer . Capturing nature in your creation is bound to strike a chord with the public.

These small animals vary in size and all have a short tail and long ears as you can see with Acre.

Pet rabbits eat certain fruits and vegetables but there main diet is hay. They like to run very fast and hop really high and are amazing creatures to watch.

Rabbits can give birth four times a year and can have up to 8 babies at a time so the rabbit population will always be a large one.

Wild rabbits have amazing digging skills and are able to dig tunnels to make homes for themselves.




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