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BANDIT – Charlie Bears


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Lemur is Latin and means spirits of the night and this little guy has a name that best describes his mischievous behaviour.

Bandit is an older bear created by Isabelle Lee and was brought out in February 2017 but as he is so playful and fun he has not retired as yet.

Their tails are often longer than their body and can weigh as little as 30 grams, they are also know as a type of small primate.

Lemurs mostly live in trees but some of the larger ones can live on the ground and they are very energetic. They often live in groups as they are like to have company and are very social creatures.

Most Lemurs have a life span of 18 years and some of they baby lemurs die young and sometimes only reach the age of 2 years old.

The mothers carry their young around in their mouth for a few weeks until they are strong enough to fend for themselves.

Bandit is 41cm (16 inches) tall and will not take much room up, but he stands out amazingly with his beautiful colours.

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Charlie Bears Bandit the Lemur

A beautifully realistic looking Lemur with grey and white plush fur and has distinctive dark markings around his eyes, nose, inner ears and paws. Bandit has a wonderful long striped tail. All our bears come safely packaged and safe from any harm in transit!