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BERWICK – Charlie Bear


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Alison Mills is the designer of this fabulous squirrel which was launched in February 2017.

Squirrels typically live in woodland areas and there are more than 200 species therefore range in size the smallest being the African Pygmy Squirrel.

This one is a Red Squirrel called Berwick and is 27cm (10.5 inches) tall.

Red Squirrels are mainly seen in Britain, they build nests in trees and usually like to be alone unless they are mating.

They call there young kittens and usually have around 2-3 at any one and the pregnancy only last 45-48 days.

Pine cones are their favourite food although they eat fruits, nuts and shrubs and it is very important for the females to keep up their food content for breeding purposes.

Add this beautiful creature to your collection with an eye catching bushy tail and white bib just to look a bit different from a normal red squirrel.

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