Teddy bear repairs

We do not repair bears ourselves but have noticed the care that such workshops provide to customers, and several do seem to offer an incredible service.

One customer had to entrust her local teddy bears repair shop to fix her beloved bear of many years. In fact the repair shop personally took it upon themselves to call and ask if she wanted her other facial features restored as well.

Over the course of many years she had not noticed how badly her favourite teddy had fallen into a state of disrepair. Of course she said yes to all the repair shop suggestions and was very happy with the result.

Some workshops in the UK handle up to 1,000 teddy bear repairs in a year.Normally what they will do is take a few photos of your bear and send them to you to discuss what is to be done. Many make the point they do no use solvents in the repair process. They go to great lengths to source the original fabric used in the manufacture of your original teddy bear.

There is one spectacular video put up by a report shop showing how a totally disintegrated teddy bear is put back together again.

Scan through the before and after photos to see the type of repair service you will get. You won’t have a problem understanding exactly what they do and how they bring teddies back to life.

The better repair shops will ask for a series of photos and an explanation of what you would like. On this basis they will then provide a quote because they know exactly what you want. Clearly they have been repairing teddies for a long time and know the best way to avoid misunderstandings.
They make the point that even though you might want your much loved teddy to continue to have only 1 eye, they insist on fixing both eyes. Otherwise it looks like they are not doing their job properly.
That’s service for you.

After having read about the services available you might now be ready to invest in your first Charlie bear right here.